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Warhound Warhound Warhound
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Release Date: Q4 2007

Developer: Techland

Platform: PC and Xbox 360

Publishers Description:

Warhound is a non-linear first person perspective action shooter set in modern times. You take the role of an elite mercenary who will not hesitate to undertake even impossible tasks... for the right price. Governments, businessmen and various organizations hire you for hazardous missions around the globe. Feel the incredible freedom in choosing missions, weapons, developing skills and using varied tactics on the battlefield. Take care of your training and finances, keeping an eye on your connections in the mercenaries business, at the same time.

Compete with other mercenaries and prove that you’re the best in the trade. Collect wealth, equipment and weapons, work on your reputation and strive for the title of the best mercenary in the world. Become the Warhound – a real dog of war.

Main features:

* Face the most fierce and dangerous criminal groups in the world. Help stricken governments, free kidnapped VIPs, eliminate dictators and drug kingpins. Stand up to a global threat and prevent the largest terrorist attack in history.
* Take up missions in exotic locations around the world: Korea, Africa, Balkans, South America, East Asia, isles of the Pacific... Marvel at the realistic, dynamic world and true-to-life sceneries.
* Choose how you want to develop your character in one of the available fields. Your choices are a direct factor for the selection of missions you’ll be offered and make more paths available during the action.
* Use interactive environment elements to your advantage – move or destroy any object you deem necessary. Use the landscape to your advantage.
* Climb the career ladder of an elite mercenary. Gain access to the most requiring employers and the most rewarding contracts.
* Take care of your finances. Buy weapons, ammunition, vehicles and equipment. Pay for transportation into and out of the mission area once the task is completed. Plan your missions and buy intelligence data. Sell weapons and precious items taken from the battlefield.
* Come back to missions you’ve completed before. Thanks to the random factor, every operation will be different every time you play.
* Use the multiplayer mode to go head to head against up to 32 players. Use modern equipment, vehicles and skills in standard and custom game modes.
* Based on the 4th edition of the ChromeEngine, supporting the latest DirectX10 and Pixel Shader 4.0 graphics, allowing for impressive, wide-open areas, photorealistic graphics and life-like physics simulation (fire, water, smoke, wind, etc.)

Warhound Warhound Warhound
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Warhound Warhound Warhound
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