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Dewy's Adventure

Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure
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Release Date: 2007

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Platform: Wii

Publishers Description:

Dewy's Adventure is set on a world where pure water and green forests have flourished, and which once enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the careful watch of the Elder Tree.

However, the evil Don Hedron has seized control of the Elder Tree and transformed the world into a gloomy world smothered by Black Water. Using the last of its remaining power, the Elder Tree has created a small droplet of water (the titular Dewy) and granted it the power of the elements with the hope that it could eradicate the Black Water and restore peace to the world.

Using the Wii-Remote, Dewy’s Adventure offers players total control over the game world and the elements as they take control of the droplet of water and seek to overcome the evil Black Water. Players tilt the Wii-Remote to move and create inclines on the ground, moving Dewy to precisely the right spot while rotating the environment to solve puzzles. Normally seen as a small ball of water, the droplet can also alter the temperature of its immediate area to transform into ice and steam. These transformations are useful in freezing or heating different parts of the world to solve puzzles and to defeat the game’s many enemies.

Players unfold along the story by using the droplet’s three forms and its landscape tilting abilities. Its forms are effected using motion-specific gestures via the Wii-Remote, such as shaking it to cause an earthquake, waving it to create a windstorm, or becoming a rain cloud to summon bolts of lightning. In addition to a story mode, Dewy’s Adventure also features an edit mode wherein users can create play areas for friends to enjoy and swap with others.

Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure
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Dewy's Adventure 12 images. Nintendo

Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure Dewy's Adventure
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05-Feb-07 Konami Announce Dewy's Adventure Nintendo

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