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Europa Universalis III

Europa Universalis III Europa Universalis III Europa Universalis III
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Release Date: 26th Jan 2007

Developer: Paradox Interactive

Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

Grand Strategy game Europa Universalis III spans the entire globe and contain more than 250 playable countries. In these countries, players will find approximately 1700 provinces at their disposal.

The development and status of a province is readily available to players and helps players control their country as they lead their nation to success through decades of historical events.

• Population: A province’s population has a significant impact on the wealth of the province. The larger the population, the more tax income it will generate for its owner.

• Supply Limit: Each province is able to feed and support a limited number of active armed forces. The supply limit depends on the base supply value of the province, its production, the terrain, and the level of for­tification (if any).

• Max. Attrition: This reflects how rapidly an army will lose men if it exceeds the prov­ince’s supply limit, and depends primarily on the terrain and its level of military tech­nology.

• Revolt Risk: This is the provincial equiva­lent of stability and closely tied to your country’s stability. Any positive revolt risk value indicates that there is a risk that this province may rebel against your coun­try.

• Culture: each country has a primary state culture and may have one or more cultures that it considers acceptable.

• Manpower: The work force of the province is based primarily on its popula­tion, although there are other things that may increase its value, including your do­mestic policies and national ideas.

• Garrison: If the province has a fortification of any size, the number of troops currently garrisoning it will determine how long an enemy must besiege the province before it is captured. If the enemy attempts to storm the walls, the garrison will rally to defend the city.

Each province generates a monthly amount of income, through taxation and production that contributes to a country’s economy. In addition, trade will be an important component for any country.

The drastic changes undergone by provinces and countries during 300 years are but one of the aspects reflected in Europa Universalis III. Players will get a real sense of the period while experiencing the building of new cathedrals and universities, the centralization of tax collection and many other national programs. Watching military power slowly make the transition from periodic re­gional levies to permanent standing armies of conscripts and ships gradually become larger and both more seaworthy and powerful in addition to a host of other movements towards modernization.

Europa Universalis III Europa Universalis III Europa Universalis III
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