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Dawn of Magic

Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic
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Release Date: Q1 2007

Developer: SkyFallen Entertainment

Publisher: Deep Silver

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

The innovative combat system employed by Dawn of Magic warms every gamer's heart. It offers countless opportunities to hurl powerful spells at enemies and defeat them using infernal magic.

The player chooses from among no less than 12 schools of magic, containing 8 spells each. This gives us a total of more than 90 different spells that can be combined almost entirely as the player wishes. Thus, there are hardly any limits set for players: They can combine two different spells and use them effectively in combat - e.g. by raining down a Blizzard on the imaginative enemies, which will stun or poison them.

The player character also has the ability to teleport within the field of vision. The player is healed in the process, and can defeat even seemingly invincible monsters by proceeding with tactical prowess and playing a game of cat and mouse with them. Aside from all these magical means of attack, the player can also enter into hand-to-hand combat with conventional and unconventional thrashing and stabbing weapons. These can include anything from clubs, swords and spears to ... umbrellas! The blend of physical effort and fantastic spells makes Dawn of Magic a unique experience for any demanding gamer.

Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic
Article By Published Date Platform
Dawn of Magic Review Craig Laycock 24-Jun-07 PC

Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic Dawn of Magic
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Dawn of Magic 29 images. PC

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