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Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands

Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands
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Release Date: 25th October, 2006

Developer: Turbine

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

The Demon Sands module is the latest, and biggest, expansion to DDO, increasing content by 40 percent since DDO’s launch in February. Players also will be able to face-off against other players in action-packed PvP tournaments and brawls. In the dungeons below the city of Stormreach, they will battle never-before-seen monsters, traps, and dangers. Fortunately, players will be able to earn more levels to combat these perils while discovering powerful new spells, feats, abilities, weapons, and treasures. After achieving glory, players can visit in-game auction houses to sell their latest plunder and gain new treasures of their very own.


* Gripping PvP Combat

DDO’s unique active combat control system requires tactical thinking and quick reflexes as much as character abilities and skill. Players can now apply this state-of-the-art combat mechanic to a new tournament-based competition where they can test their wills against other characters. DDO will feature two modes of PvP – Tournament Battles and Tavern Brawls. Players who elect to enter one of the many arenas can enjoy styles of play in thrilling death matches and flag capture scenarios. Gamers can also choose to try PvP by diving into a no-holds barred brawl within special taverns of the DDO world.

* Increased Level Cap Featuring More Dangerous Dungeons and Monsters

This new module raised the level cap by adding 10 more ranks that provide players of all levels with more content, enhancements, feats and spells. New monsters will make their debut in the new desert area including Efreeti, Genies, Gnolls, and the infamous demons—the Marilith.

* New Auction House

Players can visit one of the many virtual auction houses located in wards across the city where they can meet with an auctioneer to buy and sell in-game items. Sellers will be able to set an opening bid and an optional buyout price for their items. Buyers will be able to browse through items using the Auction House user interface and place bids on items that they wish to purchase.

* More Solo-Based D&D Gameplay

More solo quests have been added for players to hone their skills for the more advanced party-based quests.

The Demon Sands module is only the latest update to the successful MMO since its launch. Recent features added to the original game include the extremely popular favor system and adventure compendium that lets players track their quests and earn rewards from the patrons of Stormreach. In addition, the newest playable race, the Drow, and the exciting solo mode allow adventurers to experience many of the dangerous dungeons and quests in DDO without the aid of their friends - testing their tactics, skills and wits.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Demon Sands
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