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UFO: Afterlight

UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight
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Release Date: 23rd February, 2007

Developer: ALTAR games

Publisher: Ascaron

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

UFO: Afterlight is the next instalment in the UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock series, bringing a completely new insight to the story of Aftershock, this time from the perspective of lonely human inhabitants on Mars.

Main features

* combination of global strategy and tactical missions
* completely new story built on the events from UFO: Aftershock
* large number of new technologies, weapons and equipment to develop
* completely new environments on a different planet than Earth
* highly replayable game because of the player's key decisions on diplomacy and research
* strong RPG elements, the player knows his team by names
* Strategy game
* new enemies and new alien races with variable weapons and battle tactics
* several character classes with different attributes, skills and trainings
* diplomacy has strong influence on the game story
* research enables terraforming of the planet in later stages of the game
* improved and transparent construction and building management
* regions and equipment named by their explorers and researchers
* friendly interface and easy orientation in the game, useful information available at time and place where needed
* Tactical missions
* advanced tactical part of the game with the possibility to enter buildings, thermo visions and more
* player may use different height and destructible elements of environment to his advantage
* tactical missions controlled by intelligent scripts guarantee reasonable behavior of enemies
* authentic physical model
* player must adapt his tactics during the game as the enemies change and grow stronger, hardly two missions are the same
* aliens and robots in your team
* hostile environment requiring the use of different types of spacesuits
* opportunity to mind-control your enemies and use psionic abilities

UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight
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UFO: Afterlight Review Craig Laycock 08-Mar-07 PC

UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight UFO: Afterlight
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UFO: Afterlight 23 images. PC

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