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The Ryzom Ring

The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring
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Release Date: October 3rd, 2006

Publishers Description:

The Ryzom Ring delivers unrivalled power to the players.
Now you can not only play challenging adventures created by others but you can also play GOD as the Adventure Master (AM). The only limit now to the player's power is their own imagination!

The Ryzom Ring Editor is both powerful and extremely easy to use. Within a few minutes one can whip up a great looking scenario in one of many magnificent settings, filled out with the magical creatures and characters that make Ryzom's world unique. The editor offers complete systems for scripting dialogs, laying out routes and zones for NPCs and setting up events of all kinds, offering almost limitless power to create...

Ryzom Ring offers a wealth of possibilities… All Ryzom subscribers have access to the Ring. Players under free trial will also be able to discover the power of the Ryzom Ring with full access to the adventure creation tools and a basic set of creatures and scenery to play with. They will not however be able to participate in player-created scenarios, being restricted to the supplied examples.

The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring
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The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring The Ryzom Ring
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