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Heatseeker Heatseeker Heatseeker
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Release Date: Q1 2007

Developer: IR Gurus

Publisher: Codemasters

Platform: PS2, PSP, Wii

Publishers Description:

Heatseeker’s unique Impact CamTM enables players to get up-close and personal with their kills in bullet-time. Lock-on to your target and fire. Hit it right and the Impact CamTM will reward you with cinematic, flyby camera shots of your enemy disintegrating into blazing pieces.

Heatseeker’s exclusive camera action puts players right in the combat zone with all the intense face melting speed that comes from extreme close-quarters flight combat. Strap yourself in the cockpit, get the enemy in your sight, fire your weapons and experience what it feels like to be an angry missile screaming towards its ill fated target at over a 1000mph.

Heatseeker Heatseeker Heatseeker
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Heatseeker 15 images. Playstation Nintendo

Heatseeker Heatseeker Heatseeker
Date Title
01-Mar-07 Heatseeker Wii Screenshots Nintendo
05-Oct-06 Heatseeker Announced Playstation Nintendo

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