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Carnage Carnage
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Release Date: TBA

Developer: Nice Tech

Publisher: Nice Tech

Platform: PC, Xbox 360

Publishers Description:

Carnage is an adrenaline fuelled driving and combat frenzy, a new global sport. The world's best combat drivers showcase their battle skills in vast arenas to earn fame and fortune by going the extra mile.

Can you match their expertise? Can you control the power at your feet, the weapons at your fingertips and survive the onslaught to beat the rest? To be the best requires skill, courage and an acute survival instinct. You have your chance, your ride and now it's up to you…


• Hugely multiplayer vehicle combat
• Large interactive game arenas
• Real-time dynamics and collision systems
• "Death match" orientated gameplay
• Individual or cooperative game modes
• Managed tournament system
• Customisable vehicles, armour, components & weapons
• Persistent player statistics & global ranking reward system
• Support for hundreds of thousands of players
• Simple, addictive "dip-in-dip-out" gameplay for all levels

Carnage Carnage
Gallery Title Number of Images
Carnage 2 images. PC XBox 360

Carnage Carnage
Date Title
14-Nov-06 Carnage Renders PC XBox 360
20-Sep-06 Carnage Announced PC XBox 360

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