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Penumbra - Overture

Penumbra - Overture Penumbra - Overture Penumbra - Overture
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Release Date: From Q1 2007 (Episodic)

Developer: Frictional Games

Publisher: Lexicon Entertainment

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

Penumbra is an innovative first person horror game utilizing physics for interaction and puzzles. The game is set on Greenland where the protagonist searches for information regarding his late father. Previously released as a tech demo, Penumbra gained over a quarter of a million downloads world wide. It has been very well received and called one of the scariest games ever.

Penumbra - Overture will feature major updates in both gameplay and graphics. Gameplay additions include a melee combat system, greatly improved AI and more stable physics. The already powerful graphics engine will boost even more next-generation features creating a very realistic experience. Notable features include full real-time lighting, motion blur, depth of field and advanced fogging.

Right now Frictional Games is looking for a publisher and plan to release Penumbra - Overture sometime in 2007.

Penumbra - Overture Penumbra - Overture Penumbra - Overture
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