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Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II
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Release Date: April 5th, 2007

Developer: Red Octane / Harmonix

Publisher: Activision

Platform: PS2, Xbox 360

Official Site: http://www.guitarherogame.com/gh2/

Publishers Description:

Guitar Hero II, the acclaimed follow-up to Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero II will be available as a hardware bundle complete with replica Gibson SG controller, or as a standalone disc – so anyone who owns the original game can enjoy this latest release within the Guitar Hero family.

As well as more songs, more locations and a whole lot more rocking, Guitar Hero II will boast additional multiplayer modes in which two guitarists can play lead and rhythm or bass tracks separately – for that proper band experience.
Experience rock-nirvana with the new Multiplayer Co-op Mode where band mates collaborate in order to beat songs, with each guitarist playing a separate guitar track. The second player can now choose a rhythm or bass guitar part to intermingle with the lead guitar riffs, working together to produce each song and thrill the audience to rock ecstasy.

Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II
Article By Published Date Platform
Guitar Hero II Review Scott Smith 17-Apr-07 Xbox 360

Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero II
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Guitar Hero II 4 images. XBox 360

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