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White Gold: War in Paradise

White Gold: War in Paradise White Gold: War in Paradise White Gold: War in Paradise
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Release Date: Q4 2007

Developer: Deep Shadows

Publisher: Play Ten Interactive

Platform: PC and Xbox 360

Publishers Description:

White Gold: War in Paradise is full of features every avid FPS fan will enjoy. The main hero can fight hand to hand combat, wield different weapons, and take control of a variety of vehicles. Drive jeeps, crush the opposing forces with tanks, blast them from helicopters and naval ships – everything is possible in the absolutely open world. But it is living, immersive environment at the same time – inhabited by different factions vying for wealth and power. During the game you’ll stumble upon such dark omens that even the full-scale fighting between the regular army and the mafia mercenaries will look like a quarrel among playing kids.

Product highlights.

* An unique mix of RPG and an action shooter in a modern setting.
* Total freeplay: visit all the island resorts of Caribbean turned into no-one’s ground.
* Hundreds of destructible buildings and objects to blast into oblivion.
* More than 25 different military gadgets, including trucks, tanks, choppers and gunboats.
* Gripping non-linear storyline.
* More than 30 types of weapons.
* 8 independent parties with complex relations between each other and the main hero.
* An original RPG system.
* Real-time weather effects, day/night and atmosphere changes.
* Interaction with hundreds of unusual NPCs.

White Gold: War in Paradise White Gold: War in Paradise White Gold: War in Paradise
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