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The Sims 2 Pets

Sims 2 Pets Sims 2 Pets Sims 2 Pets
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Release Date: 20th October 2006

Developer: Maxis

Publisher: EA

Platform: GC, PC, PS2, DS, GBA, PSP

Publishers Description:

The Sims 2 Pets will build on the celebrated The Sims 2 experience that allows players to create and control digital characters throughout their lives while determining the outcome of their relationships and choosing their destiny. Each version will feature customised content tailored to the platform.

The addition of a new friend is guaranteed to enrich the daily lives of your Sims! Not only will players have the opportunity to choose from a variety of existing breeds, and hot designer mixes, but they'll also be able to personally design their new friend with the Create-a-Pet feature. The ability to customise gives fans the opportunity to create their ideal pet by choosing their body shape, unique markings, even their pet's personalities! With so many different animals to choose from, there's no telling what unpredictable experiences could occur!

Players will also be able to teach their pet new tricks, take them for a romp in the park, outfit them with new pet accessories and even give them a job! As in real life, your Sims' pet will require care and training. A neglected cat with an urge to scratch might claw up your new couch if you aren't careful, and leaving your dog unattended near a freshly planted flower bed probably isn't wise!

Sims 2 Pets Sims 2 Pets Sims 2 Pets
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