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The Ant Bully

The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Ant Bully
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Release Date: July 2006

Publishers Description:

Based on Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming digitally animated family adventure The Ant BullyTM, Midway's action/adventure videogame allows players to experience and explore the mar vels of the insect world. Players will take on the role of Lucas Nickle, an outcast 10-year-old who turns his frustrations on the defenseless ant hill in his yard and its tiny inhabitants. In an act of justice, the wizard ant Zoc magically shrinks Lucas to the size of an ant. To earn his freedom Lucas must learn how to live among the colony and sur vive the perils of the insect world. As part of his incredible adventures, Lucas will experience the daunting scale of an ant living in a human-sized world. The player, as Lucas, will evolve from ant bully to ant hero as he leads the colony in an epic life and death struggle to save the insect world from certain extermination.

The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Ant Bully
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The Ant Bully 6 images. PC Playstation Nintendo

The Ant Bully The Ant Bully The Ant Bully
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25-Jul-06 The Ant Bully Artwork PC Playstation Nintendo

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