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X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion X3: Reunion X3: Reunion
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Release Date: 28th October 2005

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

The sequel to the award-winning PC title X²: The Threat; X³: Reunion is an in-depth space simulation that thrusts players into an epic battle for control of the universe. The latest in graphics technology and a multi-purpose interface allow the player to fight, barter, pirate, police, steal and trade their way to domination. Featuring a real dynamically interactive AI and economic model, NPC pilots will help or hinder players on the way to salvation for the universe.

In X³: Reunion, the universe has been developed with complete input from the fan community. A multitude of new missions, countless hidden items to find and unlock, NPCs to barter, trade and compete in factory building make for a challenged unparallel in the space simulation genre. X³ propels space gaming back to the forefront of the gaming world in a way not seen since Elite was first released. With a unique open-ended style of game play, X³ is everything to all players: an action combat adventure, a trading simulation and a factory-building challenge, the player will think their way through the ultimate challenge in 21st century gaming.


• Revolutionary in-house DirectX 9 engine, featuring the latest in graphical technology. Full use of the entire range of pixel shader technology is used to create realistic reflections
• Defeat your enemies through combat or commerce, blockades and building. Compete against traders who learn and improve as the game progresses
• Multi-functional user interface, offering complete user-defined control by mouse, keyboard, game pad or joystick of the unique X universe physics with controlled semi-Newtonian drifting
• Over 200 main game models designed in incredible detail and over 10,000 independent active objects interacting in the same real time environment as the player
• Additional content added post-release, including new missions, models, AI updates and new 3D content
• Vast factories in different sizes and constructs, spanning tens of kilometers in length built by NPCs and player alike

X3: Reunion X3: Reunion X3: Reunion
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X3 Reunion Review Craig Dudley 23-Nov-05 PC

X3: Reunion X3: Reunion X3: Reunion
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X3: Reunion 55 images. PC

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