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Release Date: 5th May 2006

Publishers Description:

Action-packed, first person shooter game Liquidator – Welcome to hell. The game is set in three unique game environments; the game features massive fighting sequences, a rich variety of unique characters and super-charged power-ups that contribute to incredibly strong gameplay.


• Exploration and battle through three worlds, each with multiple objectives to complete
• Unique, high-energy gun-toting gameplay
• 7 kinds of highly realistic weapons
• Original characters and hostile alien creatures to interact with
• Abnormal means of the characters' attack
• Vast outdoor game environments to explore
• Easy-to-use interface that gives the player flexible control
• Dozens of game objects that utilize real world physics for the player to use and control
• Next generation 3D engine that utilizes a wide array of lighting, bump mapping and pixel shading techniques

Article By Published Date Platform
Liquidator Review James Barlow 28-May-06 PC

Date Title
13-Jun-06 Liquidator Review Live PC

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