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Eledees Eledees Eledees
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Release Date: Winter 2006

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Platform: Wii

Publishers Description:

Mysterious and tiny creatures, the Elebits have been the source of the world's power for the past 10,000 years. In the game world, there are no such things as gas, coal, or nuclear power. Instead, there are many different breeds of Elebits, each with their own unique look and personality. While humans and Elebits have always lived in harmony, these friendly beings love to cause trouble, and it's up to players to track them down and put an end to their mischief.

Taking advantage of the unique functionality of the Wii controller, the game allows players to interact with their environment in all-new ways as they search for the power-generating creatures. Using a futuristic device, players can push, pull, lift and throw anything they come across to discover secret hiding places and obstruct escape paths for the Elebits. Each location gets progressively illuminated as the errant Elebits are collected, with lights gradually coming on and power restored as more and found.

It's a revolutionary game of hide and seek as players search high and low for Elebits, mischievous little creatures that are the source of the world's power. Use the unique functionality of the innovative Wii controller to push, pull, lift and throw anything in the environment as you attempt to track down these playful little creatures. As they capture Elebits, players will be able to further interact with the environment, using them to provide power to different implements that will help them in their search.

The game includes an immersive two-player mode, allowing players to compete against each other to find Elebits or work co-operatively.


• Use the innovative Wii controller to interact with the environment in your search for Elebits, pushing, lifting and throwing anything within reach
• Use captured Elebits and their power-generating abilities to open up additional options and opportunities in the ever changing environment
• Search quietly to sneak up on the Elebits or create a commotion to scare them out of their hiding places
• Gain levels to increase your lifting ability and interact with more in the environment
• Play simultaneously with friends to see who can collect the most Elebits

Eledees Eledees Eledees
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