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You Are Empty

You Are Empty You Are Empty You Are Empty
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Release Date: 2006

Developer: Digital Spray Studios

Publisher: 1C Company

Platform: PC

Official Site: http://www.youareempty.com/

Publishers Description:

You awaken in a stupor, not sure where you are or how you got there. As you stumble in a dark, dank cell, you hear inhuman sounds drifting through the black of the poorly lit hallway. Your grip tightens on your rifle as the fear builds until suddenly you see eyes peering through the darkness. You level your weapon, pull the trigger and a hollow click follows: You Are Empty.

In the fifties of an alternate reality, leading Soviet scientists start experiments that alter human physiology and mental abilities in order to create super humans capable of building a bright future for communism all over the world. But tampering with the universes' toolbox is not without consequence. As a result, the experiments break free of their creators and go on a rampage throughout the city. The majority of citizens died, and in an ironic twist of Darwinian natural selection, the remaining population has survived to become hideous mutants, the only inhabitants of deserted streets.

You Are Empty immerses players in an exaggerated dark and obscure atmosphere of Soviet totalitarianism. Fighting against mutants created by the Soviet super human program, the players are tasked to figure out what happened in the city and stop the mutants from spreading further.


* Unique conventionalized environment of the Soviet totalitarian society
* Fascinating and unusual storyline with branching story paths and multiple endings
* Rich and unforgettable game experience. The main character is also subject to the effect of the experiment and runs risks of turning into a mutant himself. From time to time mutation powers have an affect upon game play as the player also gains super powers
* Superb visual effects, including post-effects
* Distinctive and lively characters

You Are Empty You Are Empty You Are Empty
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