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Fire Department 3

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Release Date: 19th May 2006

Publishers Description:

A mysterious fire outbreak occurs at the press unveiling of a new commercial aircraft in Eastern Europe. Flames rip through the airport hangers, as civilians flee for their lives. Dangerously close to fuel reserves, the flames jump from building to building, as if they have taken on a life of their own. Tragedy strikes once again in an underground shopping centre, where fire has broken out, imprisoning numerous civilians; billowing smoke suffocating their every breath. Fire Department 3's real time strategy game play will challenge players from small house fires to toxic chemical plant blazes as they endeavour to maintain the Fire Fighters Code of Ethics - 'As fire fighters, our fundamental duty is to safeguard life, preserve the environment, and protect property'.

Developed in conjunction with actual fire fighters, the game uses a very sophisticated fire model to faithfully recreate the behaviour of fire. Once an object has ignited, the spread and intensity of the flames are determined by many factors. Wind can change the direction of a fire, increasing its intensity and spread. The landscape can increase or hamper a fire, as it leaps quickly up slope or comes to an abrupt halt at a down slope or fire break. Highly flammable substances will combust and spread with ease (butane bottles, vehicles, PVC ducting, electrical ducting, burning animals running from the scene), so hosing key areas is vital.

Fire Department 3 is more than a challenging and exciting game. It's also a realistic simulation that offers a great way to learn about the skills, techniques and tools that fire professionals employ on the scene every day.


• Illustrate fire and smoke dynamics in an interactive way. Fire Department 3 features an advanced fire and smoke engine, providing an enhanced sense of realism. Fire behaves just as it does in real life - no script determines the way it evolves. Smoke follows ventilation paths, flows through open windows, heats up closed space. To be even more realistic, fire and smoke combine their effects together to make an even more lethal opponent.
• Simulate crew and vehicle management in real-time. Response time, crew and vehicle resources, and environmental conditions affect events on the scene.
• Demonstrate fire fighting strategies and techniques. Fire Department 3 engages players to make the same split-second, strategic decisions that fire and rescue professionals make in the field every day. They must organize the crews and reinforcements on the ground to combat the blaze strategically and tackle hazards on the scene, think strategically in order to minimize casualties and damage, and follow the Fire fighter Code of Ethics and standard fire and rescue procedures.
• Dynamic particle and lighting effects within a full 3D game world. Fire, water and smoke are realistically reproduced using particle effects. Gravity affects the objects just like in the real world: smoke spreads to the sky, fire propagates rapidly upwards, normally sideways and slowly backwards, water flows from the original source based on terrain and gravity. Fire and explosion effects light up the surrounding areas. Realistic spread of flames, as well as hazards such as back draft and flashover.

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Fire Department 3 Review James Barlow 15-May-06 PC

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15-May-06 Fire Department 3 Review PC

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