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Red Steel

Red Steel Red Steel Red Steel
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Release Date: Winter 2006

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform: Wii

Official Site: http://www.redsteelgame.com/

Publishers Description:

Red Steel is an exclusive Wii launch title that takes full advantage of the console's innovative controller and puts players directly into the action-packed first-person experience with the weapon in their hand – literally.

An engaging storyline unfolds as you learn that your fiancée has been kidnapped and her father – a Japanese mafia kingpin – murdered by a rival gang. The only way to save your loved one and defend your honor is to journey from Los Angeles to Japan and confront the Tokyo underworld.

By learning the ancient art of Japanese fighting with your katana and the focused precision of modern firearms, you will progress and adapt yourself to this foreign environment, where skills alone may not guarantee you victory.


• Exclusively for the Wii - Red Steel is the only original first-person action game built from the ground up for the Wii.
• Player Takes Complete Control - Take full advantage of the Revolution controller, and control the action like never before. You'll replicate sword-fighting movements and eliminate enemies quickly by directly targeting and shooting them.
• Master the Deadly Steel - Execute deadly combo moves using multiple swords or choose from a variety of firearms for longer-range attacks.
• Focus Is Key - Learn to harness your mental power to unleash powerful attacks in dire situations, and use the "focus system" to freeze time and effectively target several enemies at once.
• Become a Modern Samurai - Learn the art of Japanese fighting, and then use these skills to take out your enemies or gain their respect and loyalty by sparing them.
• Multiplayer Modes - Challenge friends with various split-screen multiplayer modes to see who the real master is.

Red Steel Red Steel Red Steel
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Red Steel Review James Barlow 10-Jan-07 Wii

Red Steel Red Steel Red Steel
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Red Steel 86 images. Nintendo

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