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Lost Planet

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC) Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC) Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC)
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Release Date: 12th January 2007, June 2007 (PC)

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platform: Xbox 360 and PC

Official Site: http://www.lostplanet-thegame.com/

Publishers Description:

In Lost Planet, human snow pirates navigate VS (Vital Suits) through hostile ice-covered environments, fighting against the indigenous Akrid creatures for the precious thermal energy they need to survive. For one such pilot named Wayne, death almost seemed imminent until he was fortunately rescued. However, he can only remember a few fragments of his past including the slaying of his father by the monstrous beings. Yet under the veil of ice, a devious plan has been set into motion by the Neo Venus Construction Corporation (NEVEC) who plans to sterilizethe world of all Akrid and snow pirates alike. What really happened to Wayne? Who is behind NEVEC and why are they plotting this destructive scheme that could potentially annihilate human kind? Encounter valuable allies and dangerous enemies on Wayne's search for the truth.

Taking full advantage of Xbox 360's unprecedented power, Lost Planet will contain an unrivalled level of detail as advanced light sourcing is used to ensure a realistic presentation. Enormous world maps unfold as players battlethe menacing creatures during blistering weather conditions throughout vast snow fields and deserted cities on foot or with armed vehicles. Fostering a real-time loading system, players can expect a seamless experience that leaves them completely immersed. Multiplayer modes add to the value of Lost Planet by allowing gamers to partake in intense team battles via Xbox Live® online game service. Expanding the Lost Planet world beyond the home, the mobile phone edition will feature a storyline that complements Xbox 360's version, downloadable content, multiplayer options and original gameplay mechanics.


• Frenetic action - Lost Planet is a fast-paced third-person shooter with all the depth, intrigue and intensity of a science fiction classic.
• Xbox Live enabled – An array of online gameplay possibilities await including: Downloadable content such as additional maps, missions and weapons and online multiplayer cooperative and versus battles.
• Foot and vehicle based gameplay – Command highly powered armed vehicles and weapons not only to help players traverse the treacherous terrain, but to eliminate enemies that lie ahead. Or, strategically switch from vehicles, including transformable snow vessels, to on-foot gameplay as dictated by the situation.
• Vast environments - Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering buildings and mountains of ice are all stunningly realized as battles occur above and below ground, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC) Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC) Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PC)
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