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El Matador

El Matador El Matador El Matador
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Release Date: 15th September 2006

Developer: Plastic Reality Technologies

Publisher: Ascaron

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

El Matador is a third person, tactical action game, where the player takes on the role of a DEA agent, whose aim is to bring down the Narcomafia, an organized crime syndicate in South America. Driven by revenge for what the Narcomafia did to his brother, the player will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combines all the essential features of surprise, unexpected twists and dramatic developments. It is a tale of corruption, revenge, moral ambiguity and ultimate justice.

  • An interesting South American environment
  • A beautiful and engaging setting in which to pursue corrupt and dangerous drug dealers
  • A wide variety of essential gadgets which facilitate completion of stealth based missions
  • A strong storyline
  • A fascinating range of enemies
  • AI hierarchy of "bad guys"--the bosses can order and move their troops about.
  • Fully functional models for enemy actions in cases such as alarm etc
  • 3D movement and viewing of characters
  • Engine animation which adds texture to scenes and events, and builds atmosphere

El Matador El Matador El Matador
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El Matador Preview Craig Dudley 18-Jul-06 PC

El Matador El Matador El Matador
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El Matador 97 images. PC

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