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Rush For Berlin

Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin
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Release Date: May 26th, 2006

Developer: Stormregion

Publisher: Deep Silver

Platform: PC

Official Site: http://www.rushforberlin.com/

Publishers Description:

Rush for Berlin places players in familiar gaming territory, with innovative new game play; where their every decision has an actual affect on the game, from the level they are playing, to the levels they have yet to encounter. History is not set. Make a difference.

* The latest real-time strategy hit by the creators of Panzers: Stormregion
* Groundbreaking war-gaming thanks to innovative gameplay and fresh ideas
* Western Allies and the Red Army race each other in the Rush for Berlin '44-'45
* In an alternate reality, the Germans counter-attack with their prototypes
* The new Gepard Engine delivers photo-realistic and sophisticated graphical opulence
* More than 100 different units, including numerous prototypes
* Storyline and graphics provide entertainment and atmosphere, mirroring the greatest war movies
* The officers represent special units with extremely powerful individual skills
* The detailed damage model of the vehicles requires tactically sound movements
* Soldiers can occupy vehicles and buildings and fight inside houses
* Factories produce supplies, including "camouflage tanks" for misguiding the enemy's airborne reconnaissance
* Day and night as well as the weather influence the game action
* Challenging new AI that reacts aggressively to player actions

Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin
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Rush for Berlin Review Ben Atkinson 03-Oct-06 PC

Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin Rush For Berlin
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Rush For Berlin 63 images. PC

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