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UberSoldier UberSoldier UberSoldier
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Release Date: March 27, 2006

Publishers Description:

As the German officer Karl Stolz who died in a rebel ambush, you've been used as raw material to create one of the initial UberSoldiers. Strike down the Nazi forces with 16 different authentic World War 2 weapons in 12 amazing levels. Use your wrath and unbelievable powers to eliminate the forces of evil!

August 1942: At the height of World War II, with the outcome still very much in doubt, secret Nazi experiments are being conducted to search for a way to bring life back to the dead. A grisly discovery is made during testing: the shock people experience upon death endows their minds with powerful supernatural abilities. After countless attempts, the Nazis finally succeed at raising the first of a new, horrific breed of warrior: The Übersoldier.

You are Karl Stolz, an officer killed leading a Wehrmacht patrol against partisan forces. The process that has brought life back to your lifeless body has unlocked powers from within your once-dead mind­but it does not take away the memories of what your Nazi masters have done to you, and you want revenge!

Using up to 16 different authentic World War II weapons to complement your new powers, fight both human and supernatural opponents over twelve levels of action-packed, brutal play in your quest to eliminate the Nazi menace once and for all. Use your wrath and otherworldly powers to eliminate the forces of evil!

UberSoldier UberSoldier UberSoldier
Article By Published Date Platform
Ubersoldier Review Craig Dudley 27-Mar-06 PC
UberSoldier Preview Craig Dudley 27-Jan-06 PC

UberSoldier UberSoldier UberSoldier
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UberSoldier 10 images. PC

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