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City Life

City Life City Life City Life
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Release Date: May 30th, 2006

Developer: Monte Cristo

Publisher: Monte Cristo

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

A city building simulation of epic proportions, City Life will challenge players to design, build and manage a modern day metropolis in a fully 3D environment. In the game, players will create a living city, striving to maintain harmony between various social classes through skilled urban planning and meeting their day-to-day needs.

* A true 3D city builder that allows the player to grow his or her creations from a small village to a massive megalopolis, creating a living breathing metropolis filled with diverse citizens moving to and fro, interacting realistically with one another and the player.
* Twenty-two included terrains and a variety of distinct structures - from run-down tenements and corner gas stations to elegant villas and imposing skyscrapers - are available to challenge players
* Gameplay can be pursued in an open-ended sandbox mode or in a goal-oriented approach
* An extensive city editor allows players to create sophisticated and challenging city management situations, and then share these online with the City Life community
* A powerful game engine takes into account population density, pollution, economics, education, the mood and social background of the citizenry, and much more to create a rich game experience
* Six distinct social classes challenge players' design and management skills. Unique amenities must be offered to meet the varying expectations of the citizenry, as only diverse but harmonious neighborhoods allow a city to reach its full potential.

City Life City Life City Life
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City Life Review Grant Wilson 15-Apr-06 PC

City Life City Life City Life
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