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Joint Task Force

Joint Task Force Joint Task Force Joint Task Force
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Release Date: September 15th 2006

Developer: Mithis Entertainment

Publisher: Sierra

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

The terrorist attack on the US on September 11, 2001 heightened the risk to global prosperity, as more and more resources were diverted towards military spending and anti-terrorism. The start of war in March 2003 between a US-led coalition and Iraq added new uncertainties to the global situation, and the high cost of establishing order in Iraq became a major global problem.

Yet, throughout history, there have always been powers that benefit from an unstable world – certain organizations, companies and corrupted men depend on suffering, pain and fear. This is and has always been their playground, and they reap ever-increasing profit from it. Hand in hand with the rise of unemployment, desperation, anger and inertia came the ascent of fanaticism, violence and terror. Nationalistic parties, gangs of thugs, eco-terror groups of increased severity and organized crime prospered in the ever-growing shadow cast by the new wave of global terrorism represented by the group Matar.

The Joint Task Force is formed by a total majority vote in the UN on the initiative of the Global Defense Alliance, a subgroup of the Group of Eight (G8). Designed to function with minimal bureaucratic involvement, the organizational hierarchy of the Joint Task Force is very direct, allowing the unit to be flexible and independent. You are about to take command over the Joint Task Force´s first battallion.

The eyes of the world are upon you - you cannot afford to fail.

Welcome to duty...and have fun!

* Elaborate story line, 5 campaigns and 1 tutorial
* Manipulate media and civilians
* Invest in your heroes; take them to the next mission
* News channel which provides background information and live coverage of battle
* Satellite recon at your disposal
* Several terrain types: Desert, Winter Valley, Rocky Mountain, Jungle and Cave
* Realistic physics for units and buildings
* Dynamic weather with effect on game flow
* Destructable terrain objects
* Multiplayer modes include: Domination, Deathmatch and Cooperative mode
* Campaign playable in multiplayer
* Multiplayer modes will be able to handle 8 players over LAN and internet. With a brand new multiplayer mode.

Joint Task Force Joint Task Force Joint Task Force
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Joint Task Force Review Duncan Lawson 23-Sep-06 PC

Joint Task Force Joint Task Force Joint Task Force
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