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Faces of War

Faces of War Faces of War Faces of War
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Release Date: September 15th 2006

Developer: Best Way

Publisher: UbiSoft

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

The WWII action RTS where each battle can be won in a different way depending of player's tactical choices

In each mission of Faces of WarTM, players will be leading a squad of 6 soldiers in a full 3D environment. Through the decisive European battles of World War II, they will be in command of Allied, Soviet and German troops. With innovative new in-game features, two battles will never be fought the same way.


• 3D engine and advanced realistic physics allow complete freedom of tactical choices. With a free roaming camera and the addition of fully destructible environments, players will feel completely immersed in the reality of WWII.
• Historical WWII campaigns with world-renowned battles including D-Day, winter missions and the storming of Berlin. The detailed reproduction of environments, military gear, vehicles and weapons underline the reality and intensity of the gameplay.
• Complex artificial intelligence: soldiers won't simply execute any order given by players, they will think about how to do it in the most efficient and safe way. Multiplayer Combat with up to 16.

Faces of War Faces of War Faces of War
Article By Published Date Platform
Faces of War Review James Barlow 19-Nov-06 PC

Faces of War Faces of War Faces of War
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Faces of War 43 images. PC

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