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Tony Tough 2

Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2
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Publisher: dtp

Official Site: http://www.tonytough2-game.de/

Publishers Description:

His humor is black as night, he’s a little know-it all and always has a snide remark in store. Private eye Tony Tough is as small as he is cunning and he’s back in a prequel to the surprise hit. Set in 1953, it leads us back into Tony’s past, when he was only a boy of 13. Washington, a small town somewhere on the dusty plains of New Mexico. When the house maid of the Tough family is abducted, young Tony decides to solve the case. He sets out on the trail of the kidnapper and soon finds himself in the middle of a turbulent adventure. Tony Tough 2’s beautiful graphics are reminiscent of the unique style of 1950s artists. The story is told in high-resolution, cinematic cutscenes, while real-time lighting, real-time weather, an intuitive interface, tons of objects and puzzles deliver the goods for adventure gaming fans.

- Brand new 2.5D engine, 3D characters
- 30 locations with more than 100 screens
- Classic point & click controls
- Beautiful 50s-style backgrounds
- 30 hours of brain-teasing puzzle gameplay
- outlandish storyline about aliens, American Natives,
wigs and tapirs
- jet black humor
- realtime shadows, dynamic realtime weather

Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2
Article By Published Date Platform
Tony Tough 2 Preview James Barlow 07-Nov-06 PC

Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2 Tony Tough 2
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Tony Tough 2 8 images. PC

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