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Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice Section 8: Prejudice Section 8: Prejudice
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Release Date: April 20th, 2011 (May 4th on PC)

Developer: TimeGate Studios

Platform: PC, Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Official Site: http://www.warisprejudice.com/

Publishers Description:

- Mobilize by Drop Spawning from 15,000 feet, use Jet Packs to evade enemies, and ram opponents in Overdrive
- Campaign mode: 5-hour story-driven single-player campaign
- Conquest mode: Large-scale multiplayer for up 32 players
- Swarm mode: Four player co-op mode where shooter gameplay meets tower defense
- Offline bot support for all game modes
- Highly customizable weapon and equipment loadouts; deep level progression and unlockable content systems
- Dynamic Combat Missions: ensure no two multiplayer games ever play the same
- Dedicated Servers for all platforms, robust Stats Portal and Clan Management tools

Section 8: Prejudice Section 8: Prejudice Section 8: Prejudice
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