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Bodycount Bodycount
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Release Date: Q1 2011

Developer: Codemasters Studios Guildford

Publisher: Codemasters

Platform: Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Publishers Description:

In Bodycount players become ensnared in a clandestine global power struggle as a powerful combat asset with a green-light to eliminate enemies known only as 'Targets’ on behalf of the 'Network’. Equipped with a mouth-watering selection of contemporary weapons, players and opponents tear through destructible cover to execute explosive kills in a shreddable world where operatives are encouraged to leave no witnesses. Complimented by online multiplayer and co-operative game modes, Bodycount will blast outrageous action and spectacular fire-fights from both barrels.

Bodycount is being developed using the EGO Game Technology platform, evolved from the award winning EGO Engine. Enabling Codemasters development talent to share tools and technology across its Studios and Central Technology teams, the EGO Game Technology Platform empowers Codemasters game designers to realise their creative visions across multiple platforms featuring cutting edge graphics, powerful AI and advanced physics systems and integrated network play.

Bodycount Bodycount
Gallery Title Number of Images
Bodycount 2 images. XBox 360 Playstation

Bodycount Bodycount
Date Title
09-Mar-10 Bodycount Announced & Screenshots XBox 360 Playstation

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