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Fairytale Fights

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Release Date: October 23rd, 2009

Publisher: Playlogic

Platform: Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Official Site: http://www.fairytalefights.com

Publishers Description:

Fairytale Fights is the hack and slash platform adventure from Playlogic. 3 years in development, Fairytale Fights features online multiplayer mayhem with up to 4 players, allowing you the chance to reclaim the fairytale status of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) the Naked Emperor and more! Utilise Real-Time Dynamic Slicing 'codenamed salami-violence’ to carve up enemies like pieces of meat and take advantage of the Volumetric Liquid to spill 10,000 gallons of blood! Control the blood thirsty nature of our not so innocent Fairytale heroes to slice and dice enemies and friends. Freeze them, burn them or melt them with acid. Benefit from hundreds of weird and whacky weapons and environmental hazards in this hilarious hack and slash fame hunting blood fest.


* Multiplayer Mayhem! – Fairytale Fights is one of the most accessible Platform Adventure game EVER! Offering a mix of bloody visceral violence, packed with adventure it’s great fun for both hardcore & casual gamers alike. The ease of drop in drop out co-op gameplay makes Fairytale Fights an easy choice in any gamer’s collection. Featuring up to 4 players on and offline, Fairytale Fights is the ideal game to play with friends!

* Massive single player campaign – With at least 9 hours (casual mode) worth of gameplay! Game length will increase on the higher difficulty settings

* Built on the Unreal Engine 3 - Fairytale Fights is based on the Unreal Engine 3 and utilises Epic’s celebrated engine like nothing before! A Fairytale Kingdom, rich in life & colour where players can drench the lush surroundings (or other players) with deep red blood, bile or limbs & brain from fallen foes.
* Real-Time Dynamic Slicing! - Utilising Playlogic’s in house cutting edge technology, for the first time ever players take full control over how & when to slice and dice enemies as fully textured, 3D Polygon models will drench the lush surrounding in a sea of limbs and blood!
* Volumetric Liquid System - Fairytale Fights features a range of liquids with "realistic" properties such as blood, acid and bile! Players can slide through pools of blood left by fallen enemies or slaughtered bunnies or melt the skin from foes using acid attacks!
* PvP Arenas – Battle with friends in a range of PvP arenas to score the highest kill count!
* Real-Time Dynamic Bone Crushing - crush the skeletal structure of friends and foes while seeing their individual bones break as a result of your accurate blows in a detailed X-ray picture in picture screen
* 140+ Whacky Weapons - Experiment with 140+ weird and whacky weapons at your disposal. Bludgeon your friends with the Slappy the Cat Lollipop, or carve them up into tiny pieces with the help of the Aristocratic sword. Each weapon type features multiple uses with different results!
* Free Downloadable Content - Sign up and receive exclusive free DLC content, minigames, artwork and more at www.fairytalefights.com .

Article By Published Date Platform
Fairytale Fights Review Andy Hemphill 03-Nov-09 Playstation 3

Date Title
23-Oct-09 Fairytale Fights Gameplay Trailer PC XBox 360 Playstation

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