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The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux
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Release Date: Winter 2008

Developer: Brash Entertainment, Sensory Sweep

Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Platform: PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and DS

Publishers Description:

Even the smallest creature can be as brave as a knight in shining armor! In conjunction with this holiday’s must-see family animated film, and inspired from the storybook novel by Kate DiCarmillo, The Tale of Despereaux puts players at the helm of a 2 inch hero, Despereaux, a small mouse with a big heart.

Born with his eyes open, exceptionally large ears and a miniature body, Despereaux Carlos Tilling has always been unusual. His love of music, books and the human Princess Pea, leads him to be shunned by his fellow mice and banished to a world of darkness. After Princess Pea is kidnapped, Despereaux traverses through the Kingdom of Dor using stealth and wit to fend off both animal enemies and human foe, in an effort to save the princess.

Embarking on this storybook styled quest, players soon become entangled in a web of revenge, jealousy and most of all, heroics. The Tale of Despereaux game is timed to launch alongside the animated fantasy film of the same name, by Universal Pictures during the upcoming holiday season.

Game Features

- Become part of the fantasy--Enter a living storybook world as you explore the many areas of the magical kingdom of Dor.
- Make new friends!--Interact with a host of endearing characters from the movie as you journey throughout the castle.
- Deftly maneuver through the various sections of the castle using an amazing array of intuitive platforming maneuvers.
- The sound of familiar voices--Relive the adventure of the movie with professional voice over work produced by the film’s cast.
- Old and Young alike!--Pick from two distinct difficulty settings that have been tailored to age-specific play styles.
- Discover a variety of exciting and easy-to-perform, swashbuckling sword moved ands eek out new weapons and equipment to help Despereaux achieve his dream of becoming a valiant knight.

The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux
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The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux The Tale of Despereaux
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