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Kickster: Online Street Soccer

Kickster: Online Street Soccer Kickster: Online Street Soccer Kickster: Online Street Soccer
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Release Date: TBA

Publisher: Frogster Interactive

Platform: PC

Official Site: http://www.kickster.eu/

Publishers Description:

Kickster turns street soccer into a highly dynamic and team based community event. With their freely customizable characters, soccer fans can meet hundreds of fellow players in several online leagues. PC kickers play their dynamic matches head-to-head exclusively against human opponents. Buddies exchange tactics and strategic moves in the in-game chat. Backyards, parking lots or factory premises – a fast match can kick off anywhere. Kickster offers various scenarios in authentic street style. With impressively animated dribbling, tackling, tricks and straddles, artists with the ball sweep their opponents from the court thanks to the dynamic motion system. But only players with the best skills receive respect from the streets. As soon as they reach the expert level, Kickster offers even more strategic gameplay and a lot of new powerful moves. Only the best players prevail in the elaborate tournament and league system of Kickster. But don't worry; a tutorial is available to help you get started.

To boast the perfect style, players choose their personal outfit from an ample variety of trendy street wear in the in-game shop. The large-scale item and skill shop offers the coolest sneakers, slack casual wear and mighty special moves. Currently Kickster – Online Street Soccer is in the private alpha stage. The closed and open beta phases are scheduled for August and September respectively. And in autumn the whistle will blow: Kick off in the backyards!

Features Kickster – Online Street Soccer

• Free2Play: free game client, no subscription fees
• Team based multiplayer online game (no single player, no AI opponents)
• Getting started easily: comprehensive tutorial with 13 game missions, hints and rewards for completed missions
• Intuitive controls, but profound gameplay
• Ingame chat and community tools
• Compact game client of about 300 MB and moderate system requirements
• Customization of player character in large-scale item shop: trendy outfits from head to toe and special moves available for micropayment
• Level based game system: advanced skills learnable with progress
• Strategic team play and tactical moves in expert level
• Elaborate league system with ascension and relegation
• Ample tournament system
• Formation of clubs and club ranking possible later on

Kickster: Online Street Soccer Kickster: Online Street Soccer Kickster: Online Street Soccer
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