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Raven Squad

Raven Squad Raven Squad Raven Squad
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Release Date: September 18th, 2009

Developer: Atomic Motion

Publisher: Evolved Games

Platform: PC and Xbox 360

Official Site: http://www.ravensquad.com

Publishers Description:

Raven Squad is a tactical action game set in the Amazonian jungles that blends a first person shooter (FPS) experience with the command and overview advantages of a tactical real-time strategy (RTS) with dominantly story driven objectives. The player can solve each tactical situation using his own combination of the two genres either by himself or cooperatively with a friend.

• Set in the Amazon in the year 2011, players will experience lush jungle visuals, haunting ambient sounds, changes in the weather, and an enemy in their home element
• Featuring the best of both worlds, Raven Squad has core FPS and RTS gameplay combined, for a new type of experience
• A multiplayer co-operative campaign that allows players to take control of a squad and play through the entire game with a friend online
• Multiple solutions to every conflict - every battle can play out differently and be resolved in many different ways
• 8 characters with their own unique backgrounds, personalities, behaviors, weapons and skills
• Players can order their squads into vehicles and take the wheel in first-person mode

Raven Squad Raven Squad Raven Squad
Article By Published Date Platform
Raven Squad Review Andy Hemphill 29-Sep-09 Xbox 360

Raven Squad Raven Squad Raven Squad
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Raven Squad 21 images. PC XBox 360

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