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X-Blades X-Blades X-Blades
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Release Date: February 20th, 2009

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment

Publisher: SouthPeak Games

Platform: PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Official Site: http://www.x-blades.com/

Publishers Description:

Ayumi is an adventurous relic hunter in search of an artifact believed to hold the fate of the world in its grasp. Hidden ages ago by a fearful king, the magical orb is the object of curiosity, ambition, and fear from those few who know of its existence. But there are those, like Ayumi, that would stop at nothing to harness the power of this orb and use it to gain fame, power, and fortune. Relying only on her fighting skill, pistol blades, and magical abilities, Ayumi must endure countless battles against creatures and other fortune-seekers determined to prevent her from escaping with the relic alive.

• Anime noir, film-quality animation
• High-speed gameplay
• Purchase abilities using money attained through victories
• In-game bestiary guide offers hints to enemies’ weaknesses
• Upgrade magic abilities to fight off elemental beasts
• Design your own control scheme, mapping magic attacks to the buttons you want

X-Blades X-Blades X-Blades
Article By Published Date Platform
X-Blades Review Andy Hemphill 10-Mar-09 Xbox 360

X-Blades X-Blades X-Blades
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X-Blades 133 images. PC XBox 360 Playstation

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