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MySims Kingdom

MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom
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Release Date: Autumn 2008

Developer: EA Redwood Shores

Publisher: EA

Platform: Wii and DS

Publishers Description:

Set out on a story-telling journey of discovery and exploration to help King Roland and his subjects revitalize the Kingdom. Hear stories from old and new friends alike, discover fascinating new lands, and build to the limit of your imagination throughout this epic quest.

* Epic Storyline – Players must join forces with our other MySimsto restore King Roland's kingdom to its former glory.
* New faces and familiar friends – Meet new MySims –like King Roland – And catch up with old friends like Ginny and Buddy who have both made delightful career changes!
* Travel to New Lands – Traverse the vast and varied lands of the kingdom – each with its own unique theme – to discover all the unique things to do in each area, while you help the local citizens there.
* New building options – In addition to houses and furniture you can now build many more contraptions that will help you finish your epic quest for the King.

MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom
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MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom MySims Kingdom
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