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Pool Party

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Release Date: July 18th, 2007

Publisher: SouthPeak

Platform: Wii

Publishers Description:

Pool Party is a fully-featured pool and snooker simulation featuring a diverse range of game modes and settings and, of course, will make the best possible use of the Wii's control system.

Grab your stick and go head-to-head in Pool Party for WiiTM. With 13 different types of pool, including 9-Ball, 8-Ball, Rotation, Black Jack and Snooker, there's a game of billiards to satisfy any pool shark. You'll be hustling pros in a range of environments, from the seediest dive bars to opulent mansions and supremely luxurious yachts. Pool Party includes competitors with intelligent AI and tables with real-world physics. With shot placement, targeting and adjustments mediated through the Wii's motion-sensing control system, Pool Party represents the
most definitive pool simulation yet seen on Nintendo hardware.

Game features:

• 13 different game modes
• 10 different rooms and tables
• Your choice of cue and balls
• Supports single player and multiplayer games
• Full 3D environments and characters with stylized graphics
• Immersive sound environment that enhances the gameplay experience
• Competitors have intelligent AI and the tables have a realistic physics engine.

Article By Published Date Platform
Pool Party Review Duncan Lawson 18-Aug-08 Wii

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