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Stormrise Stormrise Stormrise
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Release Date: March 2009

Developer: The Creative Assembly

Publisher: SEGA

Platform: PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Official Site: http://www.sega.com/stormrise

Publishers Description:

Stormrise offers fans of the classic RTS genre an immersive and dramatic twist whilst challenging the conscience of the gamer. Experience the heat of the battlefield by leading your troops from the front line, instead of the traditional way of controlling the units from a detached view point. Stormrise also allows units to be commanded in the air, across rooftops, on the earth’s surface and even underground, this unique idea of "verticality" introduces multiple layers of gameplay that must be mastered for strategic advantage. The experience is heightened by a simple yet effective control system tailored specifically for consoles, which allows easy unit selection, rapid navigation and precise deployment.

Set on a bleak and barren earth, devastated by a catastrophic event centuries ago, Stormrise sees the Echelon and the Sai battling to survive in a hostile and uninhabitable wasteland. Remnants of a superior technological people the Echelon survived the event through self-educed hibernation, whilst the Sai, a more tribal faction, still exist having learnt to adapt to their surroundings and the new environment. Having evolved in vastly different ways, the differences between the two factions have spurred much animosity and hatred between the two races, and the future of the planet is now hanging by a thread…

Stormrise Stormrise Stormrise
Article By Published Date Platform
Stormrise Review Andy Hemphill 31-Mar-09 Xbox 360

Stormrise Stormrise Stormrise
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Stormrise 33 images. XBox 360 Playstation

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