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Igor Igor Igor
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Release Date: September 2008

Developer: Legacy Interactive

Publisher: SouthPeak Games

Platform: Wii, DS and PC

Official Site: http://www.igorgame.com/

Publishers Description:

He always had a hunch he could change the world. Join Igor, Eva, Scamper, and Brain as they quest through the Kingdom of Malaria. Help them battle the Evil Scientists and other enemies while working towards Igor’s ultimate goal of winning the annual Evil Science Fair! Igor The Game is based on the highly anticipated animated movie releasing later this year


Wii & PC:
• Beautifully rendered, intense platforming-adventure gameplay
• Play as any of the 4 main characters: Igor, Eva, Scamper or Brain - either simultaneously or cooperatively with up to 4 players on the Wii
• Progress through wide variety of levels and bosses based on the film
• Use unique attacks to fight enemies and boss characters in order to achieve goals and advance through the storyline

Nintendo DS:
• Quest through multiple levels to find Eva, Igor’s monster creation, who has been stolen by other mad scientists
• A humorous fighting game based on the film
• Various attack combinations and strategies to combat enemies and solve puzzles
• Create your own monsters and use upgrades to buy modifications for your creature
• Different body choices give different abilities
• Play versus your friends or the Evil Scientists of Malaria
• Challenge your friends in the wireless mode

Igor Igor Igor
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