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Infinite Undiscovery

Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery
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Release Date: September 5th, 2008

Developer: Tri-Ace

Publisher: Square Enix

Platform: Xbox 360

Publishers Description:

Since ancient times, people have believed the moon to be the throne of God, and have prospered by harvesting its energy.
This is the story of a world where the destiny of man is bound to that of the moon.

One fateful day, the moon was chained to the earth by an army of men calling themselves the Order of Chains. Led by a man whom the awestruck people christened the Dreadknight, the Order proceeded to ravage the land, and all lived in fear.

Our story begins deep within a forest, inside a prison governed by the Order of Chains. A boy named Capell is being held captive having been mistaken for a hero of the people...

Suddenly, a girl named Aya comes to Capell's rescue, helping him to escape. She is a companion of Sigmund, a hero dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Order of Chains. When they meet soon after, Capell and Sigmund discover to their astonishment that they are virtually identical in appearance...like twins.

Capell's life is about to change forever. Unbeknown to him, he is destined to decide the fate of the world.


• Epic new action adventure RPG gameplay, from tri-Ace the creators of the STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE series.
• Seamless Real-Time Action with no separate battlefields from the main gameplay environment. Constant discoveries will trigger unique and amazing action sequences.
• Unique situation battles – escape from giant ogres, flee from massive dragon flame attacks and even fight while a tsunami approaches!
• Command a party of four in real-time to maximise your chances for success
• Stunning cinematic visuals bring a richly detailed world fully to life.
• Immersive, orchestral quality soundtrack from the composer of STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE.

Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery Infinite Undiscovery
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