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Smash Court Tennis 3

Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3
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Release Date: June 2008

Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI / Atari

Platform: Xbox 360

Publishers Description:

The first in the revered tennis simulation series for the new console generation, Smash Court TennisTM 3 for Xbox 360 tests the player’s skills against 16 of the world’s finest international tennis players. From established stars such as world number one Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Martina Hingis, to rising talents including Italy’s Andreas Seppi and Nicole Vaidisova of the Czech Republic, each player has their own strengths and weaknesses which come into play on the game’s painstakingly rendered courts.

Making the most of the power of Xbox 360, Smash Court TennisTM 3 boasts enhanced graphics including improved player animations, realistic shadows, skin shaders and High Dynamic Range rendering which combine to deliver a greater level of realism and immersion for the player. A host of customizing options allows players to choose rackets, shoes, hairstyles, skin tone and clothing to create their own unique star of the courts. New gameplay includes a system which lets all players, no matter what their skill level, benefit quickly from the powerful shots and finely honed skills of the star players.

Gameplay modes include Tutorial, Arcade, Pro-Tour, and Exhibition mode where up to four players can go head to head offline. The game also features an Online mode allowing players to play online via the Xbox Live® online game service. In addition to Xbox Live voice chat and rankings, players can take on opponents in online tournaments and in a range of different matches. Online doubles matches let players team up side by side for a long distance match against another pair, bringing the action and interaction alive like never before.

Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3
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Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3 Smash Court Tennis 3
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