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Pacific Storm: Allies

Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies
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Release Date: January 21st, 2008

Publisher: CDV

Publishers Description:

Pacific Storm: Allies is the latest title in the Pacific Storm series of WWII Pacific theater games which combine real-time strategy, resource management and exciting, in-your-face combat action. In Pacific Storm Allies, players jump into the thick of battle, playing as the United States, Japan, and a new playable nation - the United Kingdom. Allied nations, including the Netherlands, Germany and Russia, offer a new level of diplomacy and resource management to the game. An updated graphics engine brings to life new aircraft, naval ships and landscapes, showcasing them in lush, vivid detail.

* Something for everyone - armchair admirals can take command of massive fleets from a sweeping strategic perspective, while the action fan can jump into the cockpit to battle it out in the skies, or man deck guns to turn enemy ships into smoking hulks.
* Engaging WWII action in the Pacific combat theater, viewable in both a strategic map and tactical battleground mode
* Classic RTS elements such as technology research, unit development and deployment combined with gripping white-knuckle player-controlled combat action
* Diplomacy - negotiate with other nations and trade technologies
* Motion and weapons for both Aircraft and naval ships can be directly controlled by the player, adding an exciting level of action to the game
* Huge variety of historically inspired units with focus on naval and air units, including bombers, fighters, battleships, aircraft carriers and other power hitters of the Japanese and U.S. Pacific fleets
* Multiplayer LAN gameplay supports both action and tactical play, while a new mode adds two player co-op historical mission play
* Beautifully rendered landscapes and bodies of water provide stunning backdrops for both in-flight and on-the-ground action
* Location-specific damage for all units in the action gameplay mode - damage affects how a unit moves, fights and defends itself
* A new modding engine so players can create/edit missions, units and even create new special effects

Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies
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Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies Pacific Storm: Allies
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