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Ubishop PC Download Discount Code


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24 February 2011 21:19 Reply (Quote this message)
Some of you might find this useful, 40% ubisoft titles....

Big promotion on PC download titles on the Ubishop (Preorders excluded) – 40% off! It will end on the Monday 28th of Feb at midnight, and is only for the UK.

The discount code people need to use is: ACB18MARCH

I think the shop is at http://shop.ubi.com

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25 February 2011 10:39  Edited by D3CYPH3R on 25-Feb-11 at 11:06 Reply (Quote this message)
Can't get the code to work, tried buying the settlers 7 but the code doesn't change the price

Edit: never-mind, didn't notice download only options.

Also don't suppose anyone knows if u can add the serial from the download to your steam account to download from there like on Dawn of War series? i try not to buy and downloadable software that isn't on steam as i don't find any other service as good.


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27 April 2011 07:52 Reply (Quote this message)
LOL! No but I get the idea. The Sun is the only paper for me. Game does look dire for sure.

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