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|2essurection clan recruitment

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27 March 2008 19:42 Reply (Quote this message)
Hi peeps.

We are looking for a couple guys to join the clan for a laugh or for the match side of things.

read below if you are interested.

We have just completed our first season in CoD4, we are looking to recruit and grow as a clan for season 2 and beyond.

We play in leagues such as clandle as well as loads of other friendlies and matches.

We practice twice a week and play 2 matches per week, we are looking to recruit players of any skill who want to be part of a team that takes CoD 4 seriously, show up for practice and on time.

We have to conditions:
1. that you are mature
2. that you are over 20

Please feel free to chat to me online
you can contact me on
XFIRE: |2es-koj1ro
or you can sign up through our new revamped website in the title.

You can also visit our hardcore mixed server for a look at our clan @ our 32 slot Call of Duty 4 Server -

When you contact me I will start you on a trial and then if you are successful you will be given tags and become a full member!

See you soon,



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|2essurection clan recruitment
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