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24 November 2005 05:04  Edited by Stan on 24-Nov-05 at 05:23 Reply (Quote this message)
Well writing about that johnny cash cd on my previous thread made me want to go into more depth into my love of what high quality kit does to the way you enjoy music or films. A few of you may have known i got myself a headphone amp a few weeks back to power my sennheiser 650's properly, its taken this long to break in. Now that it and my replacement cd player have both pretty much broken themselves in i can really start to appreciate what they do for a good set of headphones. Whatever type of music you listen too they just combine to just transport you back to the place the album or track was recorded in, sadly if the cd has been recorded in a shed it also sounds like it has, which can be disapointing when you are exspecting something stunning. I have heard setups with speakers costing 6 times the cost of the total setup i am using that still dont quite immerse you as well as this does, sadly only one person can listen to headphones at a time and it isnt really social to sit and listen to music with them on if you have a friend over. I am instrested to know if any of you have got this Johhny Cash - Universals masters collection, and if you do , do you agree with me that he is standing singing into a old 1950's style microphone like out of the film oh brother where art thou, i even imagine it to be black. Now i do have a funny feeling that you may see the microphone in the cover to the cd and if you do that kinda points out i am a bit of a tit, but as i cant be arsed to get up and get the case i guess i will just have to hope you dont.
Incase any of you are intrested here are the links to the vital 4 components, oh and by the way if you have read all that without thinking fking tit i am impressed.

the solo mc headphone amp - the headphone amp with the optional upgraded power supply and other mods.
my headphones
the interconnects
the arcam cd player
What i really want to say is just how music can create emotion in us or make us recall back to earlier times in our lives so vividly. I guess this is why i love nice audio gear because it just helps to bring you into the music and the feel that much more than you would normally.
On that note my neck is killing me i should have been in bed ages ago so good night people or good morning

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