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Will Dying Influence Your Losses in Experience Points

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07 July 2017 07:12 Reply (Quote this message)
At the present time, the loss of PoE Items will not be the penalty for dying in Path of Exile, however the 10 percent decrease in experience points is a certain thing. Some players argue that the penalty for dying in merciless is something necessary, being that it is the game's main limiting factor.

I think there are some players, especially those who don't know this "death penalty," or those who are new to the game, they may wonder whether actually there is an impact of the loss of experience points at all. Firstly, we must understand that every player's experience is different, so their goals in playing the game are different.

Some players choose to finish maps in schedule/record time, others like to gather more and more Path of Exile Items as possible such as poe exalted orb, while others play a slower, conservative, or even passive in the game. In the meantime, some players have a very good map pool, whereas others may be stuck in the middle of an unlucky streak, having to grind lower level maps.

dying influences losses in EP

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