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The UK needs your help! We are a fledgling nation in a world simulation game called e-Sim. We are at war with Canada and will be fighting the pesky Irish soon. This is all for the greater expansion and development of the UK within this world.

But we cannot achieve this on our own. Come, join us, and make the United Kingdom a nation to be both feared and loved!

But that is only one aspect of the game. You can become an economical super power all on your own, running your own business empire across the globe. You can run for congress/parliament within your nation and even progress to becoming the nations Leader.

Also, with the new Stock Market and Civil War modules within the game, you are able to invest in companies or even own a company which others invest in. Or, if you don't like your nation's government, you can start a Civil War to overthrow the tyrants in charge!

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