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19 February 2012 00:14 Reply (Quote this message)
eRepublik - the United Kingdom needs YOU!
Ever wondered what it would be like to run your own companies or run for president? eRepublik is a massively multiplayer online game (MMPOG) that allows its users to involve themselves politically, militarily and, most importantly socially. The eUnited Kingdom is under occupation by three countries, including France and Ireland and we need you to help us gain more ground against them! So why not join today? UK is occupied by France, Ireland and Canada. Help your country erepublik


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13 April 2012 01:03 Reply (Quote this message)
eRepublik is terrible and is dying.
I like how you didn't mention that users could involve themselves economically. They can't. That module died, or was killed. Militarily, a new player can do nothing. the 1k damage they might drop is offset in one hit by someone like me, or even an actual tank.
Leave ONE and you might actually make some progress.

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