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DOW2 Retribution

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10 March 2011 23:27 Reply (Quote this message)
Anyone else got this and feel a bit cheated? Was loving the idea of 6 different campaigns and after playing and finishing the SM one on hardest was loving it.

I then went on to play the Chaos one and realised it's the exact same maps with the exact same objectives but in a chaos them, tried Eldar and found it was the same all over again.

Massively disappointed overall, they aren't even long campaigns either.



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11 March 2011 00:37 Reply (Quote this message)
In general I think the reviews all agree with you.

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Scottish Tart

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11 March 2011 01:48 Reply (Quote this message)
ffs. been looking forward to this once my pc's sorted, bit shit if the majority of the games rehashed.

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