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L.A Noire

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10 March 2011 14:52 Reply (Quote this message)
Looking forward to getting my hands on this game. The facial realism stuff that have been used to create this game is unreal (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL9wsEFohTw&feature=fvwkrel).


Scottish Tart

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21 May 2011 21:24 Reply (Quote this message)
was going to do a mission or two of this this afternoon, still going at it now, best game i've played in a long time.


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24 May 2011 17:38 Reply (Quote this message)
picked it on this afternoon, will play later


gameSlave Tart

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24 May 2011 23:14 Reply (Quote this message)
Watched my housemate play it at the weekend, quite enjoyable tbh! It's like watching a film, except I get to shout "DOUBT!" all the time

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L.A Noire
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